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Dance the Hora, Isadora!

A young girl learns the Hora at her cousin’s wedding, then brings her new moves to dance class.

…The note for families at the end of this book says it all: “We all have our own ways to shine. When we follow our passions, we can feel joy and bring light into the world. Isadora is happiest when she’s dancing”. You can feel the joy that movement brings as the story unfolds.

– Joan G.,

The King with the Horse's Ears: An Irish Graphic Folktale

The King with a Horse's Ears: An Irish Graphic Folktale

In this Irish folktale, a young and powerful king has an embarrassing secret: he has horse’s ears! Then one day, the royal barber discovers this unusual trait. Can he keep the king’s long-held secret, or will the barber be banished from the kingdom for good? With clever text and easy-to-follow panels, Discover Graphics: Global Folktales are perfect for even the newest graphic novel fans!

Water is Good for You!

Water Is Good for You!

From a tall glass of ice water to a steaming cup of tea, water is an essential part of any healthy diet. In this Pebble Explore book, learn more about where water comes from, the best sources of water, and how this drink helps make up a healthy diet. Filled with fantastic facts and colorful photos, this book will quench every young learner’s thirst for knowledge.

Vegetables are Good for You!

Vegetables Are Good for You!

Cucumbers, carrots, and garlic . . . What do these foods from the vegetable group have in common? They’re all healthy! Discover where vegetables come from, what nutrition they provide, and how they help form a healthy diet. With a bushel full of facts and full-color photos, this Pebble Explore book will feed the curiosity of young readers and report writers alike.

Protein Foods Are Good for You!

Grains are Good for You!

Grains Are Good for You!

Fruits are Good for You!

Fruits Are Good for You!

Dairy is Good for You!

Little Red Ruthie: A Hanukkah Tale

Little Red Ruthie: A Hanukkah Tale

Brave Ruthie has taken cleverness up a notch when compared to Riding Hood, her predecessor. A hungry wolf is no match for this smart little girl, who teaches him about the Hanukkah miracle, while serving him with platefuls of yummy latkes. Of course he’s way too stuffed to eat her!

…the wolf tries on her clothes—not that this fools clever Ruthie, whose quick thinking and latke-making skills solve her wolf problem. The cartoony illustrations and lighthearted text incorporate Hanukkah details and motifs…

—The Horn Book Nov/Dec, 2017

The Peanut-Free Cafe

The Peanut-Free Café

Simon is a picky eater, but peanut butter is one food he adores. When a child with a peanut allergy arrives at school, it is Simon who proposes big changes to the lunchroom. Will he be able to overcome his own fussy ways to help a new friend?

The story addresses several important topics, all with a lighthearted touch… An informative and colorful selection, told in a nonthreatening way that kids will relate to. t.

Debbie Stewart Hoskins, Grand Rapids Public Library, MI.

Mitzi's Mitzvah

Mitzi's Mitzvah

A visit to a Nursing Home during the Jewish New Year does not start out well for Mitzi, a little dog. While her family visits with elderly relatives, Mitzi is tied up outside until a sympathetic nurse invites her in and everyone discovers that Mitzi is the perfect guest. Her loving kindness brings holiday joy to everyone, young and old. This book is a PJ Library Selection.

…the book will have widespread appeal in Jewish preschool settings
and with families who have partici­pated in the type of mitzvah project
with their own dogs.

Jewish Book World